Shippon Kawaii Self Watering Animal Planter

£4.95 £9.95

Super cute and fresh from Japan...can you get any more kawaii than these?
The adorable Shippon animal ceramic planters have clever siphon tails made of fabric which soak water up into the planter feeds the plants! 

Three styles come in the assortment and each one grows a popular plant:

  • The cat grows wild strawberry  (P.S. We will have more cats arriving very soon!)
  • The dog grows clover &
  • The monkey grows basil. 

A small plastic cup is included with each Shippon but your new friend can perch on any glass or mug of clean water. Sip, sip, sip!.

Each shippon measures 6.35 x 7.62 cm

Package Size: 6.35 x 15.25 H cm)
Make friends with the chuppon too...panda, rabbit, pig and cat are waiting to meet you!

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