Patterned plant sticker pack - assorted patterned stickers


1.5" patterned stickers featuring the work of illustrator Chloe Hall. Perfect to add a bit of colour to your letters, books and packages and can also be usedfor sealing gift wrap/packaging. Each pack contains 8 assorted patterned stickers.

Please note you may get the same sticker twice within 1 pack.

Comes packaged in a glassine acid free paper bag.

Chloe Hall is an illustrator who works from her little studio shed in Leicester to create beautiful patterned designs.

Taking nature as her main inspiration, Chloe incorporates her line drawings and watercolour paintings into stunning repeat patterns which are then printed onto gifts and homewares. We are thrilled to be stocking a selection of her beautiful prints and notepads at What You Sow.  

View our whole range of illustrated items from Chloe Hall.

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