Eco Paper Pot Maker

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Make bio-degradable plant pots from newspaper with the eco Paper Pot Maker which can be used to create three different sizes of seedling paper pots.

A neat way of improvising in the garden, make your own seedling pots from nothing more than paper! Simply take some old newspapers or pages from books and wrap around the paper pot maker. Then use the bottom of the pot maker to form the pot which will then slide off easily giving you a handy vessel to sow your seedlings or house young plants.

Exceptionally easy to use, this must-have piece of gardening kit will be used time and time again and allows you to make a limitless supply of sturdy but biodegradable pots for seeds, seedlings and young plants in no time at all. You will wonder how you ever managed without one.

The pots are sturdy enough to support your plants and biodegradable enough that you can plant the whole thing directly into the garden without having to remove the paper and disturb the roots of sensitive seedlings. The paper will gradually disintegrate in the earth offering you a fantastic alternative to all those horrible plastic plastic pots and seed trays cluttering up your garden shed! For watering-in trays, tie a length of twine or place an elastic band around the middle so the soggy pot stays together.

The paper pot maker offers you a great way of recycling paper as well as saving A LOT of money on plastic pots. A smart investment for those who do a lot of gardening, this addition to your gardening toolkit is made in the UK from FSC certified wood, will last for years to come and will pay for itself in no time at all. Anyone who has a garden or allotment should have a paper pot maker and everyone we know with one has been recommending them to their fellow gardeners.

Making the pots is straightforward and a lot of fun for the whole family, children will love to get involved and help make the pots. The perfect rainy-day project, get the kids to make a few dozen of these up ready to sow their seeds, their slightly crumpled and uneven efforts will still work a treat. Perfect if you have a garden or allotment that everyone helps out on.

Versatile and suitable for various gardening requirements, the paper pot maker will assist you in creating 3 different pot sizes: 3cm, 4.75cm and 6cm in diameter, all out of waste newspaper.

Presented in a sturdy cardboard gift drum, with full instructions included inside, this makes the ideal gift for the eco-friendly gardener, and for anyone who loves a gadget with a real, practical use.

Once you’ve started using yours, all your friends will be after one too.


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