Mini Terracotta Plant Pot with Snail Saucer


Designed by Takae Mizutani, the adorable terracotta plant pot and snail saucer make the perfect home for a teeny tiny plant; a cactus or succulent would feel right at home. You can use the plate as a cupcake plate too!

The cream ceramic snail plate is made in Cornwall of earthenware clay and the terracotta pot in Nottingham, the set comes gift boxed and makes a sweet gift for a plant lover.

The Pot measures 7cm high and 8cm wide and the snail plate is 6cm high and 16cm long. 

Takae is a Japanese designer maker based in London who loves simple ideas and has a wonderful way of looking at the world. The product comes in a gift box with a tiny leaflet inside describing the design concept… allowing you as the new owner to feel connected to Takae’s original thoughts.

Dispel the myth that snails are a garden pest and welcome the snail plant pot into your home. 

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