Maia Copper Dibber by Implementations


Give your young plants a good start with the Maia Copper Dibber.

An angled dibber with an offset ash handle and copper-covered head, the tool allows for effortless sowing and transplanting. The cover is a sheet of pure copper and the point is pure silver solder. With these complementary trace elements your bulbs, seeds and young plants are given a good start. The ergonomics of this dibber are fantastic. It will make light work of planting seedlings and you can even use it to make holes in your potato trench! 

Join the copper tool revolution with long-lasting tools which can help reduce slug and snail damage in your garden!

Hand-made in the EU from natural materials, these hardworking copper tools are practical as well as beautiful, making them a delight to use and a superb gardening gift. 

Each copper dibber comes packaged in a fully recycled and recyclable cardboard presentation box which can also be put on the compost once it's been used. 

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Length: 27cm

Weight: 230g

 Please note - gift boxes out of stock until start of June so your item will be sent in a normal box instead of a gift box and £1 will be refunded to you. 

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