Hedgie Green Kawaii Hedgehog Planter

£4.95 £6.95

Look! Tiny ceramic hedgehog planters!

Our hearts almost exploded with joy at What You Sow HQ when Hedgie Green arrived in the office...

These tiny hedgehogs are the perfect way to start a plant. Each Hedgie comes complete with seeds, a peat plug and growing instructions. Just add water to expand the plug and sow your seeds. Once established it's easy to transplant your plants from your hedgehog to a larger pot or into the garden. 

Available in three colours, each one grows a different plant:
  • Blue grows basil
  • Pink grows wild strawberry and 
  • Yellow grows mint. 
Each hedgie measures 3.8 x 7.2 x 5cm

Kawaii gardening is a thing! Fans of Hedgie Green will love our whole range of Kawaii gifts for gardeners

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