Gardeners' Hack Wax Hand Balm


Gardening is the perfect hobby no matter what your age – in fact, we’re firm believers that time spent outdoors keeps you young. But days of digging and weeding can play havoc with your hands, which is why savvy gardeners young and old stock up on hack wax – intensive nourishing repair cream that penetrates and moisturises your skin deeply, meaning your dry chapped hands become lovely and soft.

An intense blend of natural essential oils, Beeswax, Aloe Vera and vitamin E, this 75g tin of cream will help repair dry cracked hands, cracked skin on fingers and around the nails. At What You Sow we swear by this hack wax to protect our hands after a grand day's graft in the garden.

Indulge yourself and soothe those green thumbs and fingers!

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