Small Wooden Garden Trug


This handy wooden garden trug is smaller than usual and suitable for young gardeners as well as grown-ups. Ideal for carrying tools, cut flowers, produce or even weeds, this handy trug won’t weigh down arms - young or old. Whether helping out on Mum or Dad’s allotment, picking from a vegetable patch or foraging in the woods for natural treasures, kids will find this trug a pleasure to use and adults just as much.

The fold down handles allow the trug to double as a beautiful display basket, and also makes for easy storage over the winter months.

Last year we used ours when we went foraging for haws to make this delicious hawberry ketchup

Trug measures 28cm wide x 21cm deep x 20cm high

P.S. This trug is the perfect size for collecting enough elderflowers to make a few bottles of Cordial, follow our elderflower cordial recipe then make some elderflower ice cubes to add to your G&T! 


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