Catnip Seed Bombs


Our catnip seed bomb pack makes the perfect gift for cat lovers.  

A seed bomb is a small ball of clay, compost and seeds that can be launched into any space to create a patch of garden. 

These Cat-friendly treats contain catnip and can be used in your garden, in a pot or thrown onto wasteland where they will grow into catnip for local cats to enjoy. 

Catnip is a scented mint-like plant that cats adore, and this gift will provide your pet with hours of fun. Let your cat enjoy the fresh leaves or get creative and use dried catnip leaves inside your own cat toy. 

Each seed bomb contains everything needed for your catnip seeds to grow: compost and clay provide protection and nutrition to give your seedlings a good start in life plus chilli powder is added to keep hungry ants at bay. Each seed bomb is lovingly made, rolled and wrapped by hand by author, teacher and guerrilla gardener Josie Jeffery of Seedfreedom in her Lab in Brighton. What You Sow is delighted to be collaborating with Seedfreedom, a small business based in Brighton that aims to educate and inspire people to grow plants through the use of seed bombs. 

Inside each gift bag are 6 seed bombs packed with catnip seeds, peat free compost and clay, 2 seed markers (varied colours) to remember where you’ve sown them, a water sprinkler (varied colours) to convert your water bottle into a watering can and full instructions on how to use your seed bombs. 

Our seed bomb kit makes the perfect eco-friendly gift for a cat lover and comes packaged in a gift bag beautifully illustrated by artist Debbie Hill

Seed bombs for cats contains:
6 catnip seed bombs 
Water sprinkler
2 wooden seed labels

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