Antares Copper Fork by Implementations


A sturdy copper garden fork with high-grade bronze tines.

For breaking up the soil without moving huge clods of earth, lifting potatoes or carrying light fibrous materials and manure, the Antares copper border fork is the preferred tool for many gardeners. The head is of high-grade work-hardened bronze, designed to stand up the stresses that any border fork is subjected to. The shaft is steam-bent ash, with a beech T-handle.

Join the copper tool revolution with long-lasting tools which can help reduce slug and snail damage in your garden!

Hand-made in the EU from natural materials, these hardworking copper tools are practical as well as beautiful, making them a delight to use and a superb gardening gift. 

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Length 108cm

Width 16.5cm

Tines 18cm long

Weight 1.65kg

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