The What You Sow Secret Seed Swap

**Registration for the Secret Seed Swap 2018 is now closed** 

Follow the results of the Secret Seed Swap 2018 on instagram and if you'd like a reminder for next year, please sign up here.  

If you are taking part this year, please make sure you post your seeds by Monday 5th Feb. If you haven't received your seeds by 12th Feb, drop us a line at and we'll make sure you get a packet.     

What is the Secret Seed Swap?

The Secret Seed Swap is a postal seed exchange where participants make a decorative seed packet, fill it with seeds and send it to a mystery recipient for them to grow in their own gardens. The participants share pictures of their seed packets and seeds using the hashtag #secretseedswap on Instagram. The Secret Seed Swap is hosted by What You Sow and we ran the first Secret Seed Swap in 2015. 


Where did the idea come from?

Inspired by Seedy Sunday and the numerous other seed swaps worldwide, and added to our love of papercraft and post, we thought it would be fun to send mystery seed packets to each other and use it as a way of making new friends online. 

How does the Secret Seed Swap work?

  • Register throughout January 2018. 
  • Work out which seeds you would like to swap, (they could be seeds that you've collected yourself, or favourite seeds that you have bought and want to share)
  • Create a beautiful seed packet using one of our printable seed packet downloads (below) or by creating your own packet. Use colour, pictures, washi tape and tell the recipient about the seeds. 
  • What You Sow will email you the name and address of another participant chosen at random a few days after you have registered.
  • As soon as you can, send them a beautiful package in the post, containing their seeds. If you want to tell them your name and instagram handle that's ok, but we think it's more fun to keep it a secret. 
  • At the very latest, please post your seeds by Monday 5th Feb 
  • Post pictures of your seed packet on instagram using the hashtag #secretseedswap
  • Make friends online by discussing the seeds you've sent and received. 
  • Carry on posting pictures as your seed germinates, grows, blossoms and ripens. 


What happened at previous Secret Seed Swaps?

The Secret Seed Swap has been a great success so far with hundreds of pictures of beautiful seed packets and seed sowing activity appearing on Instagram

Lots of secret seed swappers decorated their packets with hand drawn pictures of the plants and some even included plant markers and tags.  


    Now download our seed packet templates by clicking on the images below and design your own seed packets! 



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