Meet the team


“Hello, I’m Lyndsey Haskell, an enthusiastic amateur gardener, freelance photographer and the owner of What You Sow. My interest in gardening began when I was little and had a small patch to grow flowers in my Grandma's garden. Then growing things and eating them became an obsession a few years ago when I started tending an allotment.  I now do my best to fill my home and garden with plants and flowers, and am involved in a community allotment where I not only get to learn about plants but get to work with some incredibly lovely people too.  

The things I love best in life are growing sweet peas wherever I can, taking picnics on the beach, crochet, cocktails and avocado maki. I delight in seeing the way people improvise and create their own green spaces whatever the odds.

Learning to grow things is a continuous journey full of joy and full of mistakes and What You Sow is for people who love the idea of having plants in their life, whether they have a green thumb or not. I hope you find something here to help you hack your own mini paradise.“


Here are the other brilliant people who help make What You Sow happen...

Our logo and banner were created by the very wonderful Debbie Hill who I knew could create a graphic to illustrate everything that What You Sow is about. I’ve admired Debbie’s work for a number of years and enjoy following her blog, where she posts beautiful illustrations, photos of her impressive knitting projects and stories of her adventures in and around Brighton. You can see more of her fantastic work here.

I am very lucky to be able to call the very talented photographer Gabriella Rizzello a good friend of mine, which means that as well as enjoying her company I often get to experience her amazing cooking. Gabriella is the talent behind Mangia Bene blog where she shares stories of her Italian and British cooking. She has recently launched Planted, a secret plant-based pop up that she runs with her friend Molly. As well as packing orders, writing blogposts and helping manage our social media, Gabriella takes pictures showcasing a number of What You Sow products and you’ll find her stunning images throughout the shop. 

Lara Messer is a cooking and gardening dynamo who makes her living as a stylist and photographer. A Glaswegian based in London, we made friends on twitter and have become the modern version of penpals, swapping food and gardening inspirations via each and every social media channel you can think of. She has taken a range of breathtaking lifestyle photos for What You Sow as well as providing inspiration and encouragement every day and I’m absolutely delighted to have her on board.

You'll know Jonathan Shipley as the excellent jonathas on twitter, he's been there since What You Sow was just a twinkle in my eye and it couldn't exist without him. He has been and continues to be a source of inspiration, technical expertise, social media advice and motivation.