About us

Welcome to What You Sow, the place for people who love to grow things.

Based in Brighton on the south coast of England, What You Sow is a small business that has been providing inspiration for those with a passion for gardening since 2012.

Our aim is to celebrate all the things we love about plants and help you to make the most of your green space, whatever space that might be. 


We all grow things for different reasons, and here at What You Sow we’re interested in exploring the imaginative ways that people bring greenery into their lives. Whether you have a kitchen garden or allotment, a window box or a house plant or just love to forage for edibles or get stuck in to a bit of guerrilla gardening every now and then, we believe that everyone can learn to grow things and we hope to inspire you to do just that.

So whether you harbour a desire to eat healthy, home-grown foods, love to use plants as interior decoration in your home or enjoy gardening as a meditative practice, it’s time to cherish the plants in your life and own your own backyard, even if you don’t actually have one.

In the What You Sow shop you’ll find all sorts of pretty and practical gardening gifts and accessories to treat yourself and your green fingered friends. You’ll find a fabulous selection of seed kits, books, plant pots, tools to help you create your own exquisite green spaces, as well as a selection of stationery and notebooks, gorgeous homewares, art prints and elegant jewellery to bring your love of plants into your home and to compliment your own unique style. Much of our stock comes from independent designer makers and small businesses and everything has been thoughtfully sourced to ensure that you have a superb assortment of contemporary gardening-themed articles to browse and buy.

The terrain of the gardening world is changing; house plants are cool again, it’s become acceptable to serve dinner guests foraged food and community gardening has become a very real and attractive alternative to having your own garden. At What You Sow we have a passion for the outdoors, plus, we’re really into guerrilla gardening, community gardening, house plants, terrariums, macramé, air plants, cacti, succulents, pallet planters, foraging, DIY and handmade solutions and generally celebrating plants in all their glorious shapes and forms.

Our blog is where we tell stories about our adventures in gardening and share inspiration on all things green. This might be a trip to a favourite garden, a craft tutorial or a cocktail recipe and we blog about our worm farm at I Got Worms. We share the things that make us happy and we hope that they will make you smile too.

Have a peek at our Garden Lookbook for inspiration on how to bring What You Sow style into your home and garden and join our mailing list for updates, special offers and exclusive giveaways. And don't forget to meet the team, read about the community initiatives we're involved in and read what our customers have to say

We are proud hosts of the Secret Seed Swap, a postal seed exchange where participants make a decorative seed packet, fill it with seeds and send it to a mystery recipient for them to grow in their own gardens. You can follow what's happening using the hashtag #secretseedswap on twitter and Instagram. 

We’re a sociable bunch, and would love to hear from you. Use the tag #whatyousowing to show us what you're up to in the garden or simply send us your pictures and reviews. You’re guaranteed an enthusiastic response.

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So take time out of everyday life to connect with nature, learn by experimenting, be brave and  dare to daydream.

And above all, just grow stuff, and let your green fingers do the talking.

Thanks for visiting What You Sow, we hope you enjoy spending some time with us. Please stay a while, browse the shop and feel free to get in touch.