Phoenix Copper Hoe by Implementations


Often referred to as the Swiss Army knife of garden hand tools, the Phoenix Copper Hoe helps you effortlessly remove weeds from your garden or plot.

The two three-inch prongs breaks up compacted soil and loosens weed roots, the diamond head then digs them out and the side of the blade tidies them out of the way. The head can then be used to firm the soil down afterwards. The tool is perfect for removing weeds such as nettles and dandelions by the roots and getting rid of stubborn clumps of grass. The diamond head can also be used to dig planting holes, make seed drills or work the soil. Light in weight but very strong, the handle is of turned beech wood and the tool is generally incredibly comfortable to use. 

Hand-made in the EU from natural materials, these hardworking copper tools are practical as well as beautiful, making them a delight to use and a superb gardening gift. 

The Phoenix is just about the most awkward gift to wrap that you'll ever come across so each hoe comes packaged in a fully recycled and recyclable cardboard presentation box. The box can be put on the compost once it's been used. 

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Length: 31cm

Weight: 230g

Please note - gift boxes out of stock until start of June so your item will be sent in a normal box instead of a gift box and £1 will be refunded to you. 


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