House Jungle


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An Illustrated Guide to Becoming a Successful Indoor Gardener.

Illustrator Annie Dornan-Smith has poured all her knowledge of growing indoor plants into House Jungle - a beautifully designed guide to everything houseplants.

Annie is an Illustrator, designer and self-professed Crazy Plant Lady based in Nottingham and she has created House Jungle to help even the least green thumbed among us bring some greenery into our homes. The book is simple and understandable, yet utterly charming and super easy to dip into for inspiration and advice as and when you need it. Alternatively, you can just gaze at all the wonderful images for hours on end, like we’ve mostly been doing since the books arrived at What You Sow HQ.

The book is divided into 6 simple sections:

Starting Your Indoor Garden  is a collection of various tips and suggestions for what you will need to successfully care for your houseplants. It includes information on which gardens face where, and some simple tools you might want to use.

Plants that Need Shade is a series of great species that will suit shady homes and spots, all charmingly illustrated with short, simple tips for their care.

Plants that Need Sunshine is a series of suggestions for plants that will be happiest in the brighter spots of your home. These are similarly illustrated with simple tips for their care.

Types of Houseplants is a quick run-down of the general varieties of houseplant out there. It offers general advice for where to keep these houseplants and simple advice on how to nurture them. 

Caring For Your Houseplants is the how-to section - it covers step-by-step details on taking cuttings and identifying common issues. 

7 Houseplants That Can Take Abuse is a snap section at the end featuring suggestions for the most hardy of houseplants, perfect for less green-thumbed beginners. 


Useful, handy and an absolute treasure, House Jungle makes the perfect gift for your favourite crazy plant person or a special treat for your own home.

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