Lino Cut Flower Tape


Brown packing tape adorned with images from original lino cuts made by artist Lucy Auge.

Printed with 10 different lino cut images in repeat order the tape is super sticky and fully recyclable, in fact it can even be put on the compost bin. Each roll goes a long way with 50m of tape to use on craft projects, post, seed packets, and all sorts of other things. 

At What You Sow HQ we have long been fans of artist Lucy Auge and if you've ordered anything from us in the past few months you'll notice how we have been using it to fasten all of your packages. 

Material: Brown Paper

Adhesive: Permanent

Size of one roll: 18mm x 50m. Each roll comes packaged in a glassine paper bag. 

Made in the UK. 100% recyclable

Please also have a look at Lucy's beautiful botanical postcards, each printed with a design from her 500 flowers exhibition. 

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