Hydra Copper Hoe by Implementations


The most efficient hoe for the larger vegetable plot, the Hydra Copper Hoe is also commonly known as the oscillating, reciprocating, swivel, scuffle or stirrup hoe.

The bronze blade is sharpened on both edges and the hoe oscillates about its brass pivot, cutting in both directions. Effectively a combination of dutch hoe and draw hoe with the forward action like a dutch hoe and the return action similar to that of a draw hoe. It allows the user to work back and forth along the rows of vegetables, keeping the weeds under control.

When we met no-dig gardening expert Charles Dowding, he told us that every allotment gardener should own one of these. Read more about what he told us over on the Garden House blog.  

The head rests on the soil surface while working. The pivot allows the head to cut into the soil with both forwards and backwards movements, cutting the weeds below the soil surface. The flat sides protect the rows of plants to either side, and the square shape allows the gardener to dig out deeper-rooted weeds with the corners. 

With a good length to the handle which makes the tool a joy to use, you can get through your weeding in no time at all. A fantastic investment piece which will do wonders in the garden.

Join the copper tool revolution with long-lasting tools which can help reduce slug and snail damage in your garden!

Hand-made in the EU from natural materials, these hardworking copper tools are practical as well as beautiful, making them a delight to use and a superb gardening gift. 

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Head: 14cm wide

Total length: 155cm


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