Allotinabox Seasonal Grow Your Own Box

£9.45 £15.95

An allotment in a box - the perfect gift for novice or budding growers even in the heart of the city.

The 'Grow all Seasons' GYO Box. The box features exclusive seed ranges and a special homegrown Scrubs Up Soap which has been developed with natural ingredients to be kind to your hands after a day out digging the plot.

This is what you'll find inside:
  • Seeds to grow your own Parsley, Rocket, Mange Tout and British Thyme plus a secret bonus packet of seeds 
  • Herb Grow Wheel to tell you all you need to know about sowing and harvesting fresh home grown herbs. 
  • ALLOTINABOX® Handmade 'Scrubs Up' soap
  • 5 beautiful Plant tags
  • 10 metres of Jute Twine
All wrapped up in beautiful wrapping paper and in biodegradable box.

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