Sirius Copper Hoe by Implementations


The ultimate multi-purpose hoe for the veg plot, the Sirius Copper Hoe is well balanced, has a long, shaped limewood shaft and comes in at under a kilo in weight.

It can be used for everything from uprooting perennial weeds, to hoeing drills, as well as digging trenches and earthing up the potatoes. The triangular head allows versatility in digging: delicate work with the point and more substantial digging with the whole head. Both sides are sharp, so it digs in easily and the edges can be used to break the soil into a fine tilth. The side can also be used to spread the soil, and the head firms it down. A fabulous all round gardening tool. 

Join the copper tool revolution with long-lasting tools which can help reduce slug and snail damage in your garden!

Hand-made in the EU from natural materials, these hardworking copper tools are practical as well as beautiful, making them a delight to use and a superb gardening gift. 

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Total Length: 128cm

Blade length: 17cm

Blade max width: 13.5cm

Weight: 0.85kg


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