Copper Garden Tools

High-Quality Copper Gardening Tools make the perfect gift for the gardener who has everything or a treat for yourself. Practical. Beautiful. Durable. These tools are hand-made with love and will make tending your garden a pure pleasure.

Join the copper tool revolution with long-lasting tools which can help deter slugs and snails. 

Rust-proof copper also naturally stays sharp over time and hand-made in Austria from natural materials, these hardworking tools are practical as well as beautiful, making them a delight to use and a superb gardening gift.

Copper Garden Tools at What You Sow

The tool heads are made of solid bronze which is copper fortified with tin for added strength. Copper is widely reported to drastically reduce slug and snail damage in the garden, the idea being that the copper leaves a residue in the soil which can deter those pesky molluscs! Many users even go so far as to say that the tools can even protect precious hostas from the dreaded pests! The handles make them comfortable to use, they’re made of European ash or beech and have been treated with a single coating of boiled linseed oil for protection.

Here’s what else you need to know:

  • Copper naturally doesn't rust
  • Copper edges will stay sharp over time, slicing easily through soil. 
  • They are hardwearing and will last for years
  • The metal is known to deter slugs and snails
  • They slice into the soil and come out clean

As well as the copper tools, we also stock a beautiful copper watering can and we reckon you’ll love the brass plant mister too!

These tools also make perfect copper wedding anniversary gifts if you're celebrating 7 years of marriage with your beloved gardener! 

Don’t just take our word for it, read what the professional gardeners are saying about copper garden tools and find out which tool Charles Dowding told us that no allotment gardener should be without.

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