The Downpour - Damson Vodka Cocktail July 25 2014

It's been a heady few weeks in the UK. Like a summer in Europe...scorching sun for days on end followed by glorious thunderstorms, the likes of which we haven't seen in years.


After a number of hot, sticky days, it poured it down in Brighton today, giving the gardens (and us) a real soaking.

Sat in the flat watching the rain fall I found inspiration for this evening's cocktail, which I will name "The Downpour".

Shake 50ml Sipsmith Damson Vodka, a scoop of elderflower sorbet (preferably foraged and homemade back in June) and a dash of Hella Bitters vigourously over ice.

Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with a sprinkling of pink peppercorns and a grind of black pepper. 

(We picked up the peppercorns in Spain earlier this year. You can buy a little set of G&T garnishes which includes juniper berries, cardamom pods, hibiscus flowers and pink peppercorns. They make such a special addition to your G&T.)

Anyway...go and get yourself drenched in one of these!

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