Spiderplant Brighton February 29 2016

Spiderplant Brighton Fern kokedama

Very exciting news in our world today...there's a beautiful new plant shop in town and it's our new favourite thing. 

Spiderplant Brighton is newly opened, it's on Sydney Street in Brighton (just round the corner from the What You Sow studio) and is full of all the loveliest things.

We're talking kokedama, tiny (and I mean tiny) cacti, a fab selection of succulents, tillandsia and ferns and some gorgeous spider plants, of course.

You'll find it at the back of Flock, a quite fabulous vintage clothes shop in the North Laine and it's an absolute joy. Plants hang from the ceiling and cover every available surface and we met the very friendly owner who gave us some excellent advice on how to care for our kokedama in the studio.

I've run out of adjectives now so I'll just say that you should definitely pop in there to have a look, plus follow Spiderplant on facebook and fill your world with even more plants!   

Here's a little preview of what you'll find in the shop...

Spiderplant Brighton tiny succulents

Spiderplant Brighton pothos

   Spiderplant Brighton              Spiderplant Brighton

   Spiderplant Brighton Staghorn Fern             spiderplant brighton

   Spiderplant Brighton              Spiderplant Brighton string of pearls