Worms in the big wide world September 02 2015

It's been a while since I've written about worms. 

The worms are moving to a new home! I Got Worms by What You Sow

In fact, it's been a while since I've written about anything. Despite the enjoyment you gain from it, the problem with gardening is that there is so much of it to do, especially in the Spring and Summer. 

I'm glad that Autumn has arrived and it's time to do all my favourite gardening jobs, ie, picking flowers and harvesting vegetables. And generally trying to sit around and enjoy the outside space. 

The worms have been going great guns since I last reported on them. They're living a happy existence in the can-o-worms, munching through our food waste, cardboard and coffee grinds and having a gay old time. It's amazing the amount of worm tea they have been producing, which we've been diluting 1 part worm tea to 10 parts water and using to nourish the fruit bushes. Every day I turn the tap and at least a bit of worm tea comes out, leave it for a couple of days and you can fill up a watering can!

They are also multiplying like crazy, and are busy building up the next generation of their worm dynasty. So when the chance came along for some of them to move on and work in a new wormery, I was happy to offer them this opportunity for career progression. 

We recently helped the ONCA Centre procure a wormery and this is what the worms were required for. ONCA is situated in the North Laine in Brighton and stands for One Network for Conservation and the Arts. ONCA is formed of a gallery on the ground floor, then desk spaces, offices and meeting rooms on the upper levels. It's ace, and this Summer it became the new home of What You Sow. We really love the new office space and we're getting to know lots of other creative people who are running their small businesses and projects from here. There's a communal garden at the back and we're looking forward to planting lots of things in it but our first contribution was the wormery which we moved in a few weeks ago from The Garden House Garden. 

So it's all set up now and is positioned on a little step to allow easy access for the watering can underneath.

The worms are moving to a new home! I Got Worms by What You Sow

And yesterday we moved the worms in. 

This is a jar of worms (you can't see many because they hate daylight so are hiding on the compost): 

The worms are moving to a new home! I Got Worms by What You Sow

Next week, we'll tell you all about how to stop your wormery clogging up including a novel solution to try out. Stay tuned.  


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