One Planet City Public Submissions May 23 2015

In 2013 Brighton & Hove was accredited as the world's first One Planet City. What this means is that the city is on it's way to becoming a place where people enjoy happy, healthy lives using their fair share of the earth’s resources, leaving space for wildlife and wilderness. A sustainability framework has been put in place by Brighton & Hove council incorporating the 10 principles of One Planet Living, which are as follows:

  • Health and happiness
  • Equity and local economy
  • Culture and community
  • Land use and wildlife
  • Sustainable water
  • Local and sustainable food
  • Sustainable materials
  • Sustainable transport
  • Zero waste
  • Zero carbon

To celebrate this accreditation, 10 photographers were invited by arts organisation FotoDocument to respond to each of the principles, and since Autumn last year, their photo essays have been on display in 10 public spaces around the city. 

You can read more about the essays and see some of the images here: and try to see some of the exhibitions whilst they are still up for the next couple of months.  

Following this, FotoDocument launched a competition asking members of the public to submit their own photos. 

I am lucky enough to be involved with a number of local organisations and people living and breathing these 10 principles of sustainability, giving me the opportunity to take some snaps which I was really excited to submit to the competition. Normally my photos don't make it much further than this blog and the What You Sow instagram feed, so it's nice to have the chance to share them with some new people. I'm really proud of them, especially the ones of Dave and Robbo at Emmaus and the one I took at Seedy Sunday. 

You can see all the submissions and details on how to enter here: . It's really easy to submit your entries and so nice to browse through everyone else's pictures. 

The deadline is 31st May. All the entries will be displayed at Jubilee Library on 13th June and prizes will be awarded, including some fantastic things such as lunch at Silo, a sushi making course and a membership to Charleston!!

I managed to enter 8 of the 10 categories and you'll be able to see my entries on the Fotodocument website soon once they're approved. 

Please take the time to submit your own photos and show sustainability in action in your corner of Brighton & Hove! 

Good luck with your submissions and here is one of my favourite pictures that didn't quite make the cut, one I took last summer at the Moulsecoomb School Heritage and Environment fair. The raspberries were growing in abundance and these children were being shown that they could pick and eat them.