Chickens and eggs. May 10 2015

Rarely have I ever been as excited about anything, ever, as I was today when we headed to Mile Oak farm to pick up some eggs for hatching.

One of the Garden House chickens has become broody which means that she’s ready to incubate some chicks! You can tell she’s broody as she’s been sitting on the (unfertilised) eggs that her and her friends have laid and has started losing the feathers from her breast. This is a means of providing extra warmth to the eggs.

Here’s the very special lady herself, and above is one of the eggs that she has recently been keeping warm, along with some of the moulted feathers.

So we went to pick up some eggs which cost just £1 each (also, you can visit the farm and farm shop and see all sorts of different birds as well as goats and donkeys – it’s fab) and chose a selection of bantams belonging to the following breeds:

On the way home from the farm we popped into the Studio Loo open house (a new open house this year and a must-see) and picked up this gorgeous hen brooch. It’s by local jewellery company Designosaur and we found it on just the right day!

So this evening we moved the hen into a little home of her own where she will sit on the eggs for 3 weeks, keeping them warm until they hatch.


Bridge is great at handling the chickens and once we had placed the eggs on a bed of shredded paper, she moved the chicken inside the hutch.

Now we all have to be patient and count down the days until 31st May when, as Bridge’s partner Graham just put it, we will all be overwhelmed by cuteness. I can’t wait.