I Got Worms - what to feed your worms February 27 2015

The worms are settling in nicely to their new home. This week at Wednesday Gardening Group we had a lovely clamber in the compost heap and retrieved a few forkfuls of compost to help improve the worms’ home. A few compost heap worms made the journey into the wormery with it so I’m hoping there will be some best practice sharing between them on how to turn food into fertiliser. A cultural exchange is always a good thing in my eyes.

New worms in the worm farm. What You Sow.

So today I wanted to talk about what worms like to eat.  

They need a good mix of food waste and dry stuff. So as well as eating all your leftovers peelings and cooked food, they love some pretty crazy things. Hoover dust for starters, and tumble dryer dust. And hair too! Loads of good stuff that would normally go to landfill can now be turned into food for worms! Add to this cardboard, eggshells, teabags and stale bread, which is fab as the chickens don’t like it. And we’re feeding them plenty of coffee grinds, convinced that this will make them work harder. Everyone knows that Brighton has the highest per capita coffee consumption in the country, and that’s why the digital industry is thriving here. So as their line manager I am hoping that feeding plenty of coffee to my team of worms will make them keep their output high.

Tumble Dryer dust for the worm farm. What You Sow

I know that I am personifying these worms a bit (a lot). When Amy brought them over and described them as being in a friendship huddle, I didn’t bat an eyelid. And since then I have been feeling a lot of responsibility for them. I haven’t named them yet, but am considering some sort of worm adoption scheme where you get a certificate and updates every 3 months. My mum adopts me an animal every year for Christmas which I love, although I did get a letter a couple of years ago saying that Zhu zhong, my adopted panda, had disappeared. They said that she may have gone to explore the world outside or she may have met a mate and run away with him. But probably what happened is that she died. I felt quite sad, especially as I never did get to meet her. But her updates brought me a lot of joy nonetheless.

I digress. Back to what worms don’t so much like to eat… Stay away from citrus which is too acidic for them and onions/ garlic are too smelly. In fact, they’re not too keen on any seasoned food, so cooked food is okay, but nothing with a particularly strong flavour. Meat and fats should stay out of the worm farm as it can attract pests such as rats and foxes and the worms aren’t that into sugary foods. I’ve been looking for an infographic detailing this but haven’t found one I like yet. If anyone would like to draw one, drop me a line.


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