Sowing sweet peas in tetra paks March 26 2014

Last year I had quite some success growing sweet peas on the fire escape. It's a fun tetra pak recycling idea and very easy to do so I'm doing it again this year and showing you all how to do it too!

To make your pot, just cut off the bottom of the carton, then turn it upside down and place in a plant pot to keep it steady while you work. Turning it upside down means that the spout works as drainage which sweet peas need a lot of. Especially in the UK where it rains a lot in the summer. Added to this, I placed half a coir pot in the bottom of each carton and added some polystrene crocks. This extra drainage will keep those roots from getting waterlogged.


Fill the carton with soil and push it down quite hard. The soil needs to be compact so that the roots have to something to push against to grow, this makes for stronger plants.

Push 2 seeds into each carton about 2 cm deep. Cover up with soil and water well. 

Your sweet peas will start to appear after about 2 weeks. They're hardy so that means you can put them directly outside and they won't die off if there's a late frost so that's handy!


Let me know how you get on with yours and I'll keep you informed of how mine are progressing. 


28th July Update: Here's how the sweet peas are getting on in July...