Sweet peas in cartons for July July 28 2014

I’m still stunned by the glorious weather we’re experiencing in the UK this year. Heat, heat, heat, then a massive thunderstorm to shake us up.

I’ve been spending a lot of time outside on the balcony (fire escape) and have made it into a real little garden this year. Dozens of brightly coloured sweet peas, a beautiful margarite bush, crochet bunting, and each time I sit on the fire escape, I’ll lay out a little straw mat, a vase or two of flowers and make myself a cool drink.

It’s the perfect place for reading, drinking cocktails and chatting with friends, and when the rain comes it’s so enjoyable sitting on my bed watching the big fat raindrops plop onto the sweet pea petals. 

(P.S. Read about how I sowed the sweet peas back in March.)



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