Cotton Pot Holder with a flower March 06 2013

I love crocheting things for around the house. If I could cover all my upholstery in merino wool, I would, but luckily I don’t have the time to get too carried away. 

Instead, I satisfy my crochetlust by making small things. Hearts and flowers to hang all over the place and more recently, I’ve been obsessively making blankets. Not big bedspreads. Just little blankets, for knees. 

These pot holders are a quick project, look fab and make an amazing gift as they are so useful. You can hold hot pots with them, use them to prevent hot dishes from burning the table and add a rustic, home-made look to the kitchen. 

They take under 2 hours to make and once you have made one you will want to make lots more. 

You will need 2 colours of cotton yarn and a 3.5 or 4 mm hook. 

The craftsters at the Yarn & Craft shop are offering 10% off all cotton yarn this week so check out their very lovely range for colour ideas.


Start by making the flower in your bright colour.

Ch 6, join with ss to first ch to make a loop. 

Row 1: Ch 1, 7 sc into the hole, ss into first stitch. 8 stitches

Row 2: Ch 2, 1 dc into same stitch, *ch1, 2 dc into one stitch* 7 times, ch 1 then join with ss to first chain. 8 groups of 2 dc. 

Change to White

Row 3: Make into a granny square by stitching into the gaps between each group of 2 petals: (1st gap)Ch 2, 2dc into first gap, ch1, (2nd gap) 3dc into next gap, ch 1, (3rd gap) 3 dc into next gap, ch 2 (corner), 3 dc into same gap, ch 1, (4th gap) 3dc, ch 1, (5th gap) 3 dc, ch 2 (corner), 3 dc into same gap, ch 1, (6th gap) 3dc, ch 1, (7th gap) 3 dc, ch 2 (corner), 3dc into same gap, ch 1, (8th gap) 3 dc, ch 1 (1st gap)3 dc into the gap you started with, ch 2 then join to top of first cluster of three. This means that you finish in the corner.

Row 4: Ch 1, then sc all the way around, putting 3 sc into each of the corner stitches.   

Now to start just stitching 2 sides to build up the rest of the holder.

Row 5: In the same anti clockwise direction, stitch into the back of each of the first side of stitches (12 stitches), then 3sc into the corner stitch to turn the right angle, then 12 sc into the back of the next side of stitches. 

Row 6: Turn piece over, ch 1, then stitch into the back 13 stitches until you reach the corner, 3 sc into corner stitch then another 13 stitches to the end. 

You will probably need a stitch marker or piece of contrasting yarn to tell you which is the middle stitch. It’s harder to make out than it sounds, especially if you’re good at losing count like me.  

Rows 7 - 22, carry on until your piece measures around 15 cm. Crocheting into the back of each stitch gives you the lovely rib effect. 

And stitching 3 times into the corner stitch not only increases your piece, but gives you the wonderful right angle diagonally through your piece. 

Final row: Once you’re done with the white, switch back to your colour and hdc all the way around the edge. When you reach the corner with the flower, stop and chain 30 then carry on. This will give you a loop to hang the pot holder by. Tie a little knot to neaten it up. 

Once you have stitched all the way around, fasten off and sew in your ends. 

Then make some more in your favourite colours and give them to all your friends and your friends’ mums!

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