The miniature succulent eggshell garden - a simple but striking Easter gift to make April 18 2014

I always had myself down as one of the people who used a veg box scheme.

But sadly, after trialling the Abel & Cole scheme for a month earlier this year, and ending up with a fridge full of wrinkly vegetables after said month, I discovered that I am just not cut out for it. It’s a tough pill to swallow but I’m doing my best to deal with it.

However I was extremely successful at munching my way through all the very tasty eggs that we ordered alongside the box each week. So now I’m happy to be able to show you how I recycled the eggshells into a gorgeous little Easter present. 

If you’ve left it too late to do any time intensive crafting and don’t want to buy a plain old chocolate egg for someone special this Easter, follow our instructions to make an eggshell garden.

If you need some inspiration for egg consumption, I can strongly recommend you try making huevos rancherostortilla de patata or these quite phenomenal crème egg brownies.

Once you have enough eggs, you can get started on your miniature garden which you can decorate very quickly and stylishly with semi circles to make a quite striking Easter gift.

You will need:

Clean eggshells


A fork

Tiny succulents

An egg cup

Adhesive dots


Egg carton

The preparation starts early.When eating the eggs, be very careful as you crack the shell and just try to remove the very tip. Then rinse the shell under warm water with a teeny bit of washing up liquid (ecover, obvs) and leave to dry.

Carefully use the scissors to cut through the centre of a line of dots to make your semi circles.

Place your first eggshell in the egg cup and stick the semi circles onto the outside of the shell in the design of your choice. Be super carefully not to press too hard throughout the process in case you crack the eggshell (It’s always useful to have a few spares just in case)

Once you have decorated 6 eggshells, fill each one with a small amount of compost ( I found it easiest to use a fork to do this) and push the compost down gently using your finger.

Carefully remove one of your tiny succulents from it’s pot and place onto the compost. Then top up with a little bit more soil, gently pressing down to secure the succulent firmly into place.

Instead of using succulents you can use seedlings too if you have sown some. They would look adorable, and you can plant the eggshells straight out into the garden or allotment.

Place the finished eggshell planters into your egg carton then dribble a tiny amount of water into each eggshell.

Close the lid and decorate with ribbon ready to give as a present. The plant will grow and thrive for years to come and can be potted on once it is large enough to go into a bigger pot. So much nicer than a chocolate egg, don’t you think?


Thanks for reading about our little eggshell garden, we hope you give it a try. If you'd like to hear more from What You Sow, follow us on:

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