Cat's Ceramics at What You Sow December 03 2012

I came across Cat’s Ceramics on etsy in the summer, and was delighted when she agreed to supply the What You Sow shop with some of her lovely ceramic plant markers.

Cat is a local ceramicist who lives just outside of Brighton. She creates wonderful ceramic gifts and is very busy in the run up to Christmas, selling her beautiful creations at craft fairs every weekend until the big day. Find her wares at  the Surf and Turf Open House with a collection of other local artists each weekend and she will also be appearing at the Maker’s Boutique twice, on the 1st and 22nd December. You can view details of all her listingshere.

Cat has answered a couple of questions for us on the inspiration she takes from gardens in creating her products.  

Can you tell us about when you designed the plant markers?

I designed the Quirky Charm Plant Markers when I was growing my first veggies from seed. I bought those little wooden ones you can buy at most Garden Centres and I was so disappointed with them! The writing rubbed off and they rotted really quickly! Something had to be done so I had a go at making some of my own….the rest they say is history……

Have you ever inherited any plants from friends or family?

My Grandma was an avid tropical orchid grower which is something I seem to have inherited from her and I wish some of her orchids where passed downed to me but sadly they were all thrown or given away!! I would’ve loved to have looked after a plant that was hers.

What is your proudest gardening moment?

One of my proudest gardening moments was growing an avocado plant from the pip. It was notoriously difficult to get going, but once it did it shot up and grew quite large. My moment however was short lived as one day it inexplicably died!

Ever eaten anything you’ve grown from seed?

I love growing things to eat from seed and try every year to grow something. This year I had a try with kale and horseradish which I’ve never grown before. The cabbage white caterpillars had a really good go at eating the kale though, grhh…Cooking and eating food you’ve grown yourself is really rewarding and makes me feel much more in tune with the world. 

Are there any plants, flowers, vegetables or critters which you particularly enjoy using in your work?

I use a lot of plants in my work, some from the garden and some I find in hedgerows and woods. I do have my favourites that I use more regularly such as Hydrangea leaves which are great for deep vein impressions. They always work really well and castor oil leaves are great ‘cause of their shape and size. I always enjoy using lavender and other herbs in my work as when I’m pressing into the clay the studio gets filled with brilliant fragrances!

How does your dream garden look?

My dream garden would be bursting with greenery and flowers. It would have to have my favourite plants in it, like rambling roses, wisteria, magnolia, cherry blossom and ivy. I could go on there are so many…. I would love to have a really old orchard with plums and apple trees with gnarled old bark and bees could feed off the heather and lavender. The place would be bustling with butterflies and creatures and maybe some antique stone walls somewhere with tiny lithophytes peeking out of the cracks! I really like gardens that are kind of messy looking with piles upon piles of different plants almost jungle like.

Thanks for answering our questions Cat and good luck with all the Christmas fairs!