Make your own tea bags November 07 2012

With the days and nights drawing in, I’ve been snuggling under blankets with my hot water bottle and drinking more tea than usual.

You might have seen the sage teabags I made a couple of weeks ago for our friend Beth who had a sore throat from all the singing she’s been doing. 
I thought it was high time I showed you how to make some very pretty teabags. Beth’s were made from ready made paper filters but using muslin instead is incredibly easy and they make a very pretty gift. 
You can use all sorts of home grown herbs in tea, peppermint is an obvious one and lemon balm is delicious too and a great relaxant. If you’re using your own herbs, let them dry for a month and then crush them up.  You can dry petals too; cornflower or marigold petals make a colourful addition or even use them on their own for a healthy tea. 
You can buy some wonderful loose teas and make your own teabags from those too, Alice often brings me Pumphrey’s Tea back from Newcastle. 
So to make your teabags, simply cut some muslin into teabag sized squares, place 2 squares one on top of the other and use your sewing machine to sew three sides together. It  might catch a bit but that all adds to the rustic look of the bags. 
Fill each bag with a teaspoonful of tea or dried herbs and sew the final sides up.

Snip off the threads, and don’t forget, they are homemade so it’s best if they look a bit messy to prove that you made them. Anyone who has ever received a handmade gift from me will know that I take this rule very seriously. 

Make some beautiful paper tags and use the sewing machine to make a few stitches on each one, leaving a long thread. Crochet or plait this leftover thread until it’s about 10cm long and sew straight to the teabag with a couple of stitches.

Take a few moments to admire your handiwork, then invite a pal round for afternoon tea and Lavender Shortbread or make a pretty origami box and give to a dear friend who will think fondly of you each time they sit down to a brew.