Red Onions October 04 2012


In celebration of National Poetry Day, here is a favourite poem of mine that makes me think of the crops uncovered during these last few days of harvest.

The poem is from “Treasure Ground”, a delightful set published in 2009, which Clare Best wrote about her stay at Woodlands Farm in Lincolnshire. The name of the pamphlet itself is a reflection of the way I feel about allotment gardening. I hope Clare doesn’t mind me sharing her poem with you. 

The beautiful illustration above comes courtesy of the very talented Debbie Hill.

Red Onions

Late summer crop,
lucky dip of purple in black soil.

They bounce and tumble
from their earth and weed

until these new moons rise-
fine, full-blooded.

Behind barn doors
the best will keep and keep,

a store, a dark red sea
of unshed tears. 

Clare Best