Kate Broughton at What You Sow October 08 2012

We’ve been following the work of illustrator Kate Broughton for a while, so she was one of the first people we approached when planning the What you sow shop.

Her images were of obvious appeal to us, with creations including birds,cocktails, and to my delight, knitting, adorning a range of items, from notepads and colouring books to mirrors and even nail art.

Recently, Kate created a range based around gardening and we are very, very lucky to stock a number of items from this collection in the What you sow shop. 

These include beautiful gardening cards, cacti cards, vegetable fridge magnetswriting sets  and a very lovely Gardener’s notebook

We asked Kate about the influence of gardening in her work and how it inspired the collection.  

Can you tell us about when you designed your gardening range?
When I designed the garden range I was living in a granny flat at my boyfriend’s mum’s house which was in the lovely back garden, my boyfriend had a tiny vegetable garden in the corner. I wanted a garden of my own so much that I turned to drawing my ideal greenhouse and shed and it carried on from there.

Describe your favourite garden.
Loads of bird feeders: I’d love to have a studio in the garden with big windows so I can work whilst watching the birds around me. There would need to be a substantial vegetable garden, wildflowers and some old trees. I love the sound of water in a garden so either a pond with a fountain or even better a stream that goes through the garden!

Where do you live? (Town/village/city?) and is there much green space?
We live in a city centre flat in Nottingham at the moment and we have no outdoor space at all, not even a window box, and I really miss it! There’s not much green space nearby, a few small parks, but if we want to go for a nice walk we tend to head to a nature reserve or up into the peak district.

Are there any plants, flowers or vegetables which you particularly enjoy drawing?
I love drawing vegetables, there are so many amazing shapes and colours. Cacti and succulents are great to draw too.

What memories do you have of gardens when you were a child?
Gardens were a big part of my childhood, I remember spending an awful lot of time in the garden at home, and particularly at my grandparents’ houses (both sets of grandparents had gardens bigger than ours, great for children to play in!). I was also taken to loads of landscaped gardens as a child, my mum loves gardening and my dad loves drawing gardens, so we went to visit some amazing places.

Are there fellow artists you admire who make you think of gardens or cultivation?
My dad is an artist and most of his work is of gardens. He does lots of illustrations for the New Arcadian Journal which looks at the history of gardens. He does these amazing overviews of landscape gardens, so detailed, and he has a ridiculous amount of books full of his amazing sketches. I also love Angie Lewin’s lino prints, I love the colours and shapes!

We’d like to thank Kate for letting us stock her gardening range and for sharing her inspirations with us!

Make sure you check out her website at www.katebroughton.co.uk and don’t forget you can buy some of her work in the what you sow shop too.