Green Rooftops August 27 2012

There is plenty of literature on how to combat climate change, with some of the suggestions for action considerably more wacky than others (let’s discuss another time), but there are some ideas which seem so obvious I can’t believe we (individuals, governments, private enterprise) are not doing everything in our power to propagate.

Green roofs are an example. They are an efficient, healthy and beautiful way to help reduce our impact on the environment.  The benefits are numerous:

  • They provide insulation, keeping homes cool in the summer to reduce the need for air conditioning and providing some additional warmth in winter.
  • They do a great job of absorbing rainfall, which will reduce the impact of the flash floods that are predicted to become commonplace as our climate changes.
  • They increase urban biodiversity by creating an attractive habitat for a variety of wildlife.
  • They can absorb, reflect and deflect sound waves so provide an effective form of sound insulation.
  • The greenery absorbs pollutants the atmosphere, increasing the amount of clean air for us to breathe.
  • Being surrounded by green space can significantly reduce levels of stress and help fulfill our human need for contact with nature.
  • Some foodstuffs can be grown on rooftop gardens, helping mitigate the danger of food scarcity in the future.

      ·They provide an unusual and striking source of beauty in a visually “dead” area.

An increase in the creation of green roofs would ultimately mean an increase in the creation of green jobs as businesses emerge to provide green roofs to those who want them. Locally, the idea is taking off, from the rooftop allotments included in the One Brighton eco-development near the station to the proposals to roll out the One Planet living concept across the whole city. You can read more on the subject by following the blog of Brighton based Organic Roofs and Brighton Permaculture Trust regularly run Green Roof workshops.

To my final point on the list above, here are a few images of some amazing green roofs. I’ve also started a board on pinterest and there is a fantastic roundup of images from apartment therapy here.  



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